wookey theatre group



Polly Carroll
Set Construction
Ted Jenkins
Liz Bowen
Set Design
John Wiseman
Jane Casey | Judith Redmore



Joseph – Sam Harris

Narrators – Phoebe Carroll, Amelia Frost, Teddy Hinde

Jacob/Butler/Ishmaelite – Sam Dowden

Reuben – Emily Crellin

Simeon – Victoria Wakeling

Levi – Laura Coleman

Naphtali – Lauren Frost

Issachar – Charlie Harris

Asher – Tom Roberts

Dan – Tilly Grist

Zebulon – Robert Egan

Gad – Katie Bowen

Benjamin – Jack Carroll

Judah – George Pruden

Potiphar/Guard/Goat – Harry Waterman

Mrs. Potiphar/Chorus – Beau Treasure

Pharaoh/Guard/Goat – Ryan Cooper

Baker/Chorus – Rebecca Dawkins


Ellen Frost, Laila Oram, Jasmine Rowles, Ella-Mae Redmore, Sophia Casey, Lily Waterman, Ruby Waterman, Tilly Bowen, Hannah Frost, Sophie Wiseman, Becky Wiseman.


Childrens chaperones – Sarah Frost, Jane Casey

Childrens Co-ordinator  – Joanne Waterman

Set Construction – Jane Pruden, John Wiseman, Di Harris, Gil Oliphant, Emma Maguire, Carl Pruden, Lara Smith, Lousie Cooper

Lighting – Pete Tincknell, Ted Jenkins

Accompanist – Jane Roberts

Backstage Manager – Ann Gouldney

Backstage Crew – Ted Jenkins, Gay Harrison, Di Harris

Props – Gay Harrison, Tim Gould

Make up – Pam Griffin, Lousie Cooper

Hair – Jackie Treasure

Box Office – Gill Tincknell

Fundraising & Hospitality – Lyn Hinde

Publicity – Anna Wiseman, Jo Williams, Gill Tincknell

Bar – Clea Frost, Sharon Dawkins, Sarah Frost

Accounts – Jane Casey

Hall Cleaning – Gay and Stephen Harrison



Reviewed By: Anna Garside

You could feel the excitement in the air as you walked into Wookey Church Hall on the opening night of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The show opened on Wednesday June 19, the hottest day of the year and Wookey Youth Theatre delivered a sizzling performance. The cast, all children from Wookey Primary School, Wells Blue School and Crispin School in Street put on a fantastic show.

The musical by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber is based on the biblical tale of Joseph, found in the Book of Genesis. Joseph, his father’s favourite son, is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, ends up in jail but manages to rise to power in Egypt through his interpretation of dreams. He becomes second only to Pharaoh.

The narrators, played by Phoebe Carroll, Amelia Frost and Teddy Hinde sang really beautifully as they helped the story unfold. Joseph (Sam Harris) put on a great performance in the starring role. Sam Rowden, who played his father, Jacob, the Butler and an Ishmaelite, gave a versatile and equally compelling performance. He was joined in jail by the Baker (Rebecca Dawkins) who sang beautifully and cut a dash with her twirly moustache.

The brothers were brilliant. They looked like they were enjoying themselves as much as the audience and everyone sang and acted with gusto right down to the youngest, six-year-old George Pruden (Judah) who got a huge cheer at the end. Their performance was full of humour and got a lot of laughs (in all the right places).

Harry Waterman’s Potiphar was superb. His timing and delivery were second to none. Mrs Potiphar (nine-year-old Beau Treasure) sparkled sweetly and gave a beautiful performance. Pharaoh (Ryan Cooper) brought the house down. His Elvis costume looked fantastic and his performance was full of wit and swagger. The chorus clearly enjoyed playing the part of screaming fans and threw themselves into their ‘bop bop showaddy waddies’.

Several members of the chorus were only six or seven years old. They all sang out beautifully throughout the show and behaved like true professionals. There was also some great dancing. The children looked and sounded amazing. Their voices sounded beautiful and combined with the brilliant piano playing of accompanist, Jane Roberts to powerful effect. It was a very uplifting performance, and everyone came out with a smile on their faces (and more than one or two with a tear in their eye). Hats off to director Polly Carroll, producer Liz Bowen and everyone who took part in the show.

Joseph closed to a standing ovation on Saturday night. If you missed it there will be another chance to see the cast perform some of the songs from the show at the Ride Aid concert at Wells Blue School on Friday 5th July.