wookey theatre group

February 2024

The Wedding

Polly Carroll
Set Construction
Ted Jenkins
Ann Gouldney
Set Design
Brian Wyatt
Jan Hayward
Assistant Producer
Jane Pruden



Fingers Finkle – Andy Childs

Harry’ Safe Hands’ Hooper – Lyn Hinde

Ginger Minks – Pete Tincknell

Sir Forsythe Cumberland – Mark Parry

Jemima Cumberland – Ella Mae Redmore

Delores Cumberland – Liz Owen

Roger Cumberland – Mark Wall

Tarquin Wormsley – George Parry

Lady Petunia Wormsley – Rosie Winstone

Sir Reginald Wormsley – Alan Wood

Lady Anastasia Cumberland – Imogen Crees

Ralph Hollocks – Paul Reynolds

Carlton Heathcote – Graham Blunt

Evelyn Heathcote – Rachel Parry

Felicity Stickleback – Louise Cooper

Muriel McPherson – Doreen Grant

Sebastian Dupont – Steve French

Detective Mortimer Quips – Di Harris

Detective Judy Morris – Jenny Candler

Deidre Johnson – Violet Healey



Prompt – Linda Wood

Make Up – Jane Pruden, Fen Jones

Lights – Ann Gouldney

Sound – Polly Carroll

Stage Manager – Jane Pruden

Photography – Myrtle Pizzey

Bar/Front of House – Gill Tincknell, Adele Reynolds, Stephen Harrison

Tea and Biscuits – Gay and Stephen Harrison

Sponsorship – Jump



Wookey Theatre Group loves to make audiences laugh and their latest production certainly delivers, creating absolute chaos in the best way possible.

The two-act farcical comedy centres around three escaped criminals who, trying to lay low in a luxury hotel, find themselves in a catastrophic society wedding, then hatch a plot to steal a priceless painting.

It’s old school silly nonsense at its best, full of great one-liners and brought to life by a brilliant ensemble cast who have honed their comic timing to perfection.

The escaped criminals (Andy Childs, Lyn Hinde and Pete Tincknell) are hysterical in their roles, delivering lines with bewildering straight faces and giving a masterclass in how just a look can be hilarious.

The wedding party are all exceptional, and the cast deliver their lines back and forth with rapid ease. Special mention to Mark Parry as the charming kilt-clad Sir Forsythe Cumberland and Imogen Crees who makes a dramatic entrance as his boat-rocking ex-wife, Lady Anastasia. Liz Owen is a hoot with her high-brow, old lady persona, and Rosie Winstone’s drunken moments are wonderful.

Controlling the nuptials are ever-optimistic wedding planners, Doreen Grant and Steve French, who delights the audience with his superbly camp Frenchman, Sebastian Dupont. And as the police finally arrive to restore law and order to the hilarious havoc – Di Harris is dryly fabulous in her role as Detective Quips – the audience is left reeling with laughter along with some confusion. Did we know what was happening in the story? Not really. Did it matter? Absolutely not – we were having a ball!

As ever, the Wookey Theatre Group, under the leadership of Polly Carroll and Ann Gouldney, work so cleverly with their small stage. The creative team used wonderful scenic design and costumes to add to the laughs, with lighting and sound adding to the quick-paced utter joy of this play.